Green Teas



Herbal Infusion



  • Adrak Chai

    A popular blend of zesty, fresh ginger and CTC black tea for a cup of warm morning special.
    ₹ 150
  • Ardour

    An exclusive mix of 3 best whole leaf green teas from the high hills in new and exciting flavors
    ₹ 300
  • Aura

    A special gift of 2 of the most aromatic and strong chais made from select CTCs for memorable times
    ₹ 200
  • Butterfly Blue Pea Tea

    An effective stress reliever, this pure tea is also good for skin and the body’s immunity.
    ₹ 790
  • Celebration

    A gift of 4 kadak chais perfectly crafted with the best teas and spices to add to the celebrations.
    ₹ 350
  • Chamomile Green Tea

    Relieve all that stress and feel lighter instantly with this calming cup of delicate chamomile flowers.
    ₹ 225
  • Dandelion Green Tea

    A refreshing drink that is sweet and detoxifies your body and helps you break down food.
    ₹ 250
  • Detox Kahwa Tea

    A very popular blend that keeps your body free from harmful toxins.
    ₹ 300
  • Digestion Tea

    A tea to help you digest and make you feel lighter instantly.
    ₹ 790
  • Elaichi Chai

    A blend for those who like the warm and sharp spiciness of cardamom to go with a strong cup of chai.
    ₹ 160
  • Green Tea Sampler

    Fresh Orthodox Whole Leaf Tea With 100% Natural Ingredients.
    ₹ 150
  • Hibiscus Green Tea

    A popular blend that is aromatic, colorful and flavorsome and is just right to keep yourself in shape.
    ₹ 250
  • IkiGai Stainless Steel Kettle

    A shiny kettle in a timeless design. Infuser included.
    ₹ 2,199
  • Inaki (Set of 4 cups)

    Catch some light and color with the double walled tea cups.
    ₹ 1,499
  • Kadak Chai

    An aromatic blend of the strongest CTC Assam teas with the characteristic malty flavor and briskness.
    ₹ 100
  • KenaGi Stainless Steel Kettle (whistling)

    A contemporary kettle for the new age tea drinker.
    ₹ 2,299
  • Kesariya Chai

    An iconic chai blend of fine saffron and black tea for a warm and mellow cup of tea.
    ₹ 175
  • Masala Chai

    A grand mix of strong black tea and the choicest spices like ginger, cardamom, pepper, and cloves.
    ₹ 150
  • Melange

    A mix of 6 of our best green tea flavors in an attractive pack to make your celebration an outstanding one
    ₹ 575
  • Organic Green Tea

    A light and smooth cup from the high hills with all their natural goodness and antioxidants.
    ₹ 225
  • Quartet

    A box of 4 green tea flavors in an elegant and beautiful box created thoughtfully for those special times
    ₹ 400
  • Rose Green Tea

    This flavorful floral blend soothes the skin and prevents infections.
    ₹ 275
  • Sabi Stainless Steel Kettle

    A contemporary kettle with an easy-to-grip handle.
    ₹ 2,199
  • Sugar Control Tea

    A perfect mix of natural ingredients to keep your sugar levels in check.
    ₹ 690
  • Tea Array

    A rich mix of 9 of our best chais and green teas to make your celebration one to remember and cherish.
    ₹ 750
  • Tea Delight

    An exquisite collection of 3 specialty chais in a sleek and stylish box with a traditional touch.
    ₹ 275
  • Tea Mate

    A charming gift of 2 favorite green teas that’ll leave your guests and friends wanting more.
    ₹ 225
  • Tulsi Green Tea

    Guard yourself from common ailments and strengthen your system with this age-old mix of tulsi and green tea.
    ₹ 225
  • Weight Loss Tea

    A healthy aid to weight management to go with your fitness routine.
    ₹ 790