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  1. Prices will differ for Chaiprenuers and Customers
  2. Any orders as a Customer, he needs to pay shipping amount which will depend on Invoice value or on Quantity ordered from us
  3. If a person orders as a Chaiprenuer he gets 20% discount on MRP and 8% rewards on gross value which can be utilised with his/her next order
  4. Sammvaad will try to deliver the goods within 12to 14 days of order. In case of delay due to external factors Sammvaad will communicate the same to the customer.
  5. If a customer pays amount and Sammvaad is unable to ship due to logistics issues, refund will be given within 5 working days from the date of payment
  6. Once Sammvaad appoints distributors in a city or a region, existing customers need to take their goods from them. Sammvaad will not serve the goods to existing customers in that case, and any rewards (8% as stated above) will be forfeited. Sammvaad may do such changes without giving advance notice to current customers
  7. Prices of the goods may change without giving any notice
  8. In case customer has any concerns he can reach out to us on help@sammvaad.com and we will get back to you within 48 working hours
  9. Sammvaad has the right to change the above conditions without giving any advance notice.