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To give the best start to your day with a cup of your favourite tea - great quality at affordable price.


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Inspiring and enabling those who dream to live their lives to the fullest.


Founded in 2012, Teaxpress aims to deliver the best teas freshly sourced to tea lovers in every part of the world. At the core, Teaxpress believes that everyone is entitled to a great tea experience and reap the health benefits of fresh tea.

With over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in the tea industry, Teaxpress prides itself in successfully procuring the best in class products that have garnered worldwide acclaim.With it’s foremost and most successful brand Teabox, the company has reached people in over 117 countries selling more than 100 million cups of tea.

Teaxpress has revolutionized the 200 year old tea industry by effectively sidestepping middlemen and large auction houses and sourcing directly from the tea producers. Teaxpress has also used science and technology innovatively to create and employ a first-of-its-kind cold storage and supply chain to ensure freshness and quality like never before.

We are glad and proud to state that Teaxpress now has three successful brands Teabox, OnlyLeaf, and Sammvaad to take the best teas to you and to the world.

Sammvaad - A Unique Tea Proposition

Sammvaad comes to you with a range of very unique products and a proven strategy to realize your dreams of becoming a successful business owner, a Chaipreneur. Now, you can become independent, free, and feel empowered with these attractive features.

  • Everybody loves a kadak cup of chai - Lead with a strong product and you are sure to win. With Sammvaad, you can be sure of the quality and freshness it offers. Our chais are blended with the finest Indian CTCs from the best tea estates across India bringing you more flavor, color, and kadakness to your cup.
  • Healthy whole leaf green teas - Green teas are taking the country by storm for their various health benefits. We offer the finest whole leaf green teas in various delicious flavors to take your tea business to another level.
  • Earn with every sip - Every time you choose Sammvaad, you choose to earn from the comfort of your home. Celebrate tea and expand your horizons everytime you offer a kadak cup of chai to your family, your friends, your neighbours.
  • Be a part of a wider tea community - Go social, become confident of your skills, and feel the empowerment of being part of a strong community of women entrepreneurs. Strengthen your self-respect and confidence with every member you add to your community.