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Kadak Chai



Herbal Infusion




  • Kadak Chai

    Blended from the best Assam and Dooars CTCS; Yields a perfect joyous cup of kadak chai.

    ₹ 475
  • Aura

    A special gift of 2 of the most aromatic and strong chais made from select CTCs for memorable times
    ₹ 200
  • Tea Delight

    An exquisite collection of 3 specialty chais in a sleek and stylish box with a traditional touch.
    ₹ 275
  • Celebration

    A gift of 4 kadak chais perfectly crafted with the best teas and spices to add to the celebrations.
    ₹ 350
  • OnlyLeaf Tea Chest (40 Tea Bags)

    A premium tea chest, made with high-quality wood! An assortment of 40 pyramid teabags, 20 each chamomile and rose green teas.
    ₹ 1,399
  • OnlyLeaf Tea Chest (60 Tea Bags)

    An elegantly designed tea chest, made with premium quality wood! Enclosed with 60 pyramid teabags, 20 each of organic, chamomile green, and hibiscus green teas.
    ₹ 1,799
  • Organic Hibiscus Green Tea Case Pack (20 Box)

    A zesty & fragrant blend of premium grade green tea.
    ₹ 5,980
  • Organic Chamomile Green Tea Case Pack (20 Box)

    Goodness of real chamomile blend with high grown green tea
    ₹ 5,380
  • Organic Dandelion Green Tea Case Pack (20 Box)

    Natural Dandelion root mixed with high-quality green tea.
    ₹ 5,980
  • Organic Detox Khawa Green Tea Case Pack (20 Box)

    Mixed with exotic Indian herbs. Feel cleansed and active.
    ₹ 5,380
  • Floral Tranquility

    A collection of fresh green teas to soothe your senses
    ₹ 5,830
  • Detox Pack

    A collection of fresh green teas to cleanse the system
    ₹ 5,680
  • Organic Rose Green Tea Case Pack (20 Box)

    All-natural rose petals mixed with premium green tea.
    ₹ 5,980
  • Masala Chai

    A grand mix of kadak chai with ginger, cardamom, pepper and cloves inside, crafted for togetherness.

    ₹ 170